Concealed Carry Certification & 1:1 Handgun Training

Heartland Firearm Services is a Nebraska based LLC, providing shooters in all firearm disciplines with classroom based education and live fire range training, as well as providing professional consulting and firearm appraisal services.  

We cater to shooters of all experience levels in a consultative and non-intimidating manner in clean and comfortable settings. Whether you are a novice just exploring your interest in firearms or an enthusiast with years of experience, you will be comfortable and welcome in our classes!

Our lead instructor is Brad Peterson, a USCCA and NRA Certified Instructor with over 16 years of firearms industry experience. Brad has over 30 years experience in the shooting sports and has a great ability to relate his knoweledge in a consultative and positive manner.  

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Firearm Appraisals

Whether you own firearms for personal use, are an avid gun collector, or came into ownership from inheritance or bequeath, your firearms have value. For those seeking to protect that value through scheduled personal property insurance or simply wanting to know the current market value, we provide expert research and analysis to meet your needs.

  • Experienced in determining current market values for all types of modern (post 1900 mfg.) rifles, shotguns, and handguns
  • Unbiased and in-depth research for every firearm
  • Credible and experienced appraiser for insurance purposes and legal settlements