Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to many common questions about our classes.

Visit the Nebraska State Patrol’s website for a complete listing of requirements and documentation you’ll will need in order to apply for your permit.


How long is the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit Certification class?
Our standard program of classroom instruction plus range qualification will take approximately 7-8 hours, not including breaks.
I have never shot a handgun before or have very little experience. Is it OK to take the Concealed Handgun Permit Certification class?
For those with little or no experience shooting or operating handguns, we recommend scheduling a VIP 1:1 shooting instruction session with us prior to taking the CHP Certification class. You will not learn how to shoot handguns in the CHP Certification class. It is expected that you have basic handgun loading/unloading/shooting experience before you register.
Will there be breaks for lunch during one day classes?
For all day classes, we do take a 30 minute lunch break around 12:30pm.  There are several food options available in the vicinity of our classroom facility, or you can bring your own lunch.
Do I need to have my own handgun and holster before I take the CHP Certification class?
Yes, unless you wish to rent a handgun/holster from us for an additional $15 (includes ammunition). You will need to wear a belt in order to use our holster. You are not required to do your qualification shooting with the same gun that you plan to carry concealed.
What kind of holster should I use for the shooting portion of the CHP qualification?
You must use a strongside outside the waist holster that attaches firmly to your belt with a covering garment like an untucked shirt, jacket or vest to conceal the firearm. We do not allow inside the waistband, shoulder, ankle, appendix, or purse holsters on the qualification line.
Can I use a laser installed on my handgun for the CHP class?
What should I bring to the CHP Certification class?
1. A functioning handgun that you are comfortable shooting (this should be locked in your vehicle during the classroom instruction portion)
2. Hearing and eye protection
3. 50 rounds of ammunition (minimum)
4. A covering garment (jacket, vest, or untucked shirt). The range qualification portion requires you to draw and fire from concealment
5. A valid Nebraska driver’s license, ID card, or military ID
6. A notepad and something to write with
What is the course of fire for the CHP shooting test element?
Qualification Course of Fire (Total 30 rounds) – FBI “Q” Target (22" x 34").  Minimum score to qualify is 70% hits within the target area.  Shots are not timed.

3 feet - Six (6) rounds
** Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.

9 feet - Twelve (12) rounds
** Two rounds per command to fire.
Three repetitions must be from a concealed draw.

15 feet - Six (6) rounds
** Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.

21 feet - Six (6) rounds
** Two rounds per command to fire.
One repetition must be from a concealed draw.
What must I do after I take the class to get my Concealed Handgun Permit?
You will need to apply in-person for your permit at one of the Nebraska State Patrol troop locations.  The fee is $100 and the permit is good for 5 years.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, check or Venmo for our services.