Our Classes

Heartland Firearm Services is a Nebraska based Limited Liability Company, formed with the mission of educating shooters in all firearms disciplines through classroom based education and live fire range training. We also as provide professional firearm valuation services.

Nebraska/Iowa CHP Certification

Classes are taught by Brad Peterson, an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Nebraska/Iowa State Patrol Certified Concealed Carry Instructor. You will receive th... More >

VIP Range Instruction

We begin each session teaching firearm safe handling rules as well as proper shooting fundamentals including grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger pull Bri... More >

Private Nebraska CHP Certification Class

Private Nebraska CHP certification classes are offered for any group of 5 or more attendees. Cost per attendee is $100, including range fees. Flexible dates and t... More >

Firearm Valuation & Appraisal

Most homeowners or renters insurance policies have a maximum amount covered for lost, damaged, or stolen firearms far less than the actual value of your collection. ... More >